• Ivan Montiel

Introducing the Clarity Hub API

Clarity Hub uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide APIs that make it easy to create language driven products – with no machine learning experience required.

Clarity Hub, Inc is announcing the beta of Clarity Hub API – a fully managed service that uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create models from conversations, articles, and other text based formats, and provide predictions from text or utterances. Utterances are automatically grouped, labelled, and annotated, without the need for manual review, custom code, or machine learning experience. Clarity Hub goes beyond simple keywords and nouns to identify clusters of similar utterances, automatically label them, and create a model that can be queried against. The created models can easily be used for predicting what groups a new utterance belongs to and finding the most related utterances in the model. Companies can easily use these models to build smart, language-based applications, specific to their business needs – from chatbot applications, to knowledgebase search, to automated suggestions based on previous customer support chats. To get started with Clarity Hub, visit https://www.clarityhub.io/.

Many companies already have conversations with their customers through email, support tickets, or website live-chat. This conversation data can be used to train a Clarity Hub Infer Model which can serve predictions from new questions that customers have. For example, given training data of customer support chats, an Infer Model will automatically cluster the questions and answers within the chats and build a model that can be queried in the future. Messages such as "I've been locked out of my account" will be matched to answers that have been given in past chats: "You can reset your password by going to the login page and clicking on the Reset Password link." Clarity Hub makes it easy to build these question-answer type of applications that can dramatically decrease the amount of questions that get routed to agents.

Companies that want to still provide a personal touch to their customers and are not comfortable with chatbots, can still benefit from conversation-aware Infer Models. By using the conversations they have already had with their customers to train an Infer Model, predictions can be served to the customer service agents to increase the efficiency of the agents. Clarity Hub empowers businesses to leverage the power of machine learning to help humans make more informed decisions faster, all without having to know how to build, train, deploy, and scale machine learning models in a production environment.

Clarity Hub can also provide better language based search for knowledgebases and help articles. For example, by using Wikipedia articles as a training source, we can ask a questions against the model using natural language, and get back the most relevant answer from the trained articles.

About Clarity Hub

Clarity Hub has been offering natural language processing and question-answer software since 2017. Clarity Hub is currently creating services to empower businesses to understand their customers and the conversations they are having with them. To learn more about Clarity Hub, visit https://www.clarityhub.io/.

Published 24 July, 2019

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