• Ivan Montiel

Highlights and Tagging Text – December 1st Update

We want to make sure it's easy for you and your team to organize and find data from your customer interviews. That's why we've introduced the ability to tag any text and files in your interviews.

Highlight and Tag Your Notes in Interviews

You can now turn your notes and interviews into data by tagging any text in your notes.

Simply highlight the text, click "Tag" in the hover menu, and add the tags you want to your text.

Remove Tagged Text from Your Notes

Similarly, you can remove tags from your notes.

Hide and Show Highlights

To make it easier to read your interview notes, we added an options menu to interviews where you can enable/disable the tag highlights.

Transcripts Can Be Opened as a Page

You can now open transcripts as their own page to make it easier to read, edit, and tag them.

Transcripts can be Highlighted

You can tag transcripts as well. Simply highlight the part of the transcript you want to tag and select the tags from the hover menu.

Hover Over Highlighted Text

Hover over the highlighted text to see the tags.

New Editor Hover Menu

We've simplified the hover menu to make it easier for you to organize your text.

Tag Files

You can tag any images you upload, as well as any audio files you record.

Published 01 December, 2019

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