• Ivan Montiel

Clarity Hub December Update

To wrap up the year, we are releasing a suite of improvements to Clarity Hub to make your customer discovery easier than ever.

Recent Activity

We have releases a new section on your dashboard to help you stay up-to-date on the major events in your workspace. The Recent Activity section will show you the latest interviews that have been created and when members join your workspace.

More recent activity events will be added in the future!

Filter by Popular Tags

Once you tag your interviews, you will be able to quickly filter your interview list by your most popular tags.

Editor Updates

If an image fails to load for whatever reason (either the image is corrupted during upload or could not be found), the editor will show you a fallback image to let you know.

Profile Page

We added a profile page where you can view your profile and edit it.

Published 01 December, 2019

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