• Ivan Montiel

Billing, Payments, and Invoices – February Update

We have added features into our web application to give you the ability to self-serve: including picking the plan the fits your needs, setting up your billing details, and viewing your past and upcoming invoices.

Billing Preview

Free Trial

Every workspace you create will start with a two week free trial. During this trial you get access to all the features in Clarity Hub. The only limit is the number of transcription minutes we provide.


You can now pick the plan you want from within the application. Just go to Settings and Members -> Plans to see the available plans and pick the one you want for your workspace.


When picking a plan, you will be able to pay using a credit or debit card.

All payments and sensitive card details are processed by Stripe.


You can always view past and upcoming invoices by going to Settings and Members -> Payment. From here you can change the card you want to use, change billing details such as what email billing information should be sent to, and view your invoices.

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Published 07 February, 2020

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