• Ivan Montiel

Tag Management – March Update

Tags are a core part of Clarity Hub and they help you organize your customer interviews and data.

Up until now, you could create categories, tags, and assign text and interviews to those tags and we auto-assigned colors to them for you.

But there wasn't a way to manage your tags.

Tag Management

We've added a Tags navigation item where you can manage your tags. This includes creating, editing, and deleting categories and tags from one place.

View Tags and Categories

The Tag page lets you view all of the categories and tags that you have created, along with the ones that we auto-create for you when you create your account.

View Tags

Create and Update Tags

From the Tag page, you can create new tags and updating existing tags. When creating or updating, you can also change the color using our pre-picked out colors or typing out your own.

Create Tags

Delete Tags

We added the ability to delete any tag or category as well.

Delete Tags

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Published 21 March, 2020

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