• Ivan Montiel

Announcing Clarity Hub Video Calls

We are happy to announce our new Video Calling features in our Clarity Hub application! You can now create and manage video calls within Clarity Hub and invite customers to do customer interviews.

With the current environment as it is, it can be difficult to sit in the same room with your customers and have a conversation about your product. But having quality interviews is important to developing outstanding products that meet the needs of your customers. The challenge now is that it can be next to impossible to have a face-to-face conversation with your customers and do the customer interview process that is critical to the success of your business.

That's why at Clarity Hub, our focus is to enable product teams to understand their customers by providing the tools to have quality customer interviews. Adding Video Calling to Clarity Hub is the next step in enabling you to have conversations with your customer and getting to understand their needs and wants.

With the addition of Video Calling, you can now manage calls, have instant access to all of your recordings, and synthesize your learnings all in one place. Our Video Calling features enable you to have a video call with others and we will record the video and audio of the call so you can have it for future reference.

By using the video call features from within Clarity Hub, you get the benefit of the Clarity Hub ecosystem. Video Calls can be embedded in Notebooks so that you can write rich-text notes and synthesize information from different interviews.

We also provide the tools to secure your video calls. When creating a Video Call Room, we will automatically generate a password for the room. Without the password, outside users will be unable to join your call.

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Published 06 October, 2020

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